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What you need to know about how our Zones Work

The following documents will give you more details about Zones but by way of an introduction in 2020 we decided it was time to relook at the ‘closed listing closed selling farming’ system that has dominated the real estate industry.

Franchises from the USA with their ‘do what you like anywhere’ system have created debate and we welcome that, but we have seen that agents who choose a list and sell anywhere way of selling generally fail to gain traction and recognition, and it takes longer to build a career and make money.
It sounds attractive and a good idea, but we have seen the negatives and also how it creates conflict within the sales team. It is our experience that agents who work with groups like Remax and Keller Williams (who favour this model) often even treat their colleagues as their main opposition – and that says it all.

The Zone system moves away from a closed farming area, expanding it to a “logical greater territory” in which management based on objective statistical transactional data determines how many agents we need to achieve a satisfactory market share. If it is four agents, then we will recruit a maximum of four agents for that Zone, and allocate within that territory four farming areas.  

A farming area is an area of focus and responsibility. It is not exclusive but there are prospecting and marketing activities that are exclusive as we don’t want people to compete for marketing in the same area, while neglecting their own. The Zone is thus exclusive to the agents in that shared Zone. *

There are always questions when a system changes so the ‘go-to’ person for how Zones and farming areas in the Zone work is Andre de Villiers and if you have a question it is best to get your answers from the horses mouth as it were.  As questions are raised that are not covered in the attached documents or are not clear then you can email me a question and I will reply for all to benefit from.

Changing any system like this we cannot foresee every possible nuance so it should be no surprise that with some minor issues we need to give clarity.

* The company reserves the right to treat commercial and development marketing opportunities outside of the Zone exclusivity.


Zones Annexure to Sales Associate Agreement

Annexure to Sales Associate Agreement