Street Canvassing Lists

Please note the following when requesting and receiving a Street Canvassing Report:

·  Please allow 24hours for your Street Canvassing Report as I have to download the cvs report from the database and reconfigure into an Excel spreadsheet Street Canvassing Report for you.

·  Only one street or complex can be provided at a time.  As soon as I receive the previously provided updated report back from you, another street may be requested by you.

·  Updated spreadsheet reports should show new information in red and be emailed to me.

·  Do not print and handwrite notes. Use and update the spreadsheet. I will then update the Master Database. This way WE ALL benefit from maintaining and building the Lead Generation “machine” Andre and I are operating in 2021.

·  This is company data acquired for our Lead Generation use  It was acquired for very restricted use. It must be handled with a high degree of confidentiality.

·  This data may be used to assist you to enhance your TVA CRM but a specific undertaking was made that it would not be mass imported into any other database. 

In due course other types of reports will also be available. The data on 850 000 properties is far more extensive than what you need for a Street Canvassing Report.