Rewards and recognition are big at Chas Everitt and even BIIGGER and MORE FUN at Chas Everitt Cape Town South.

Rewards, Incentives and Recognition are all part of the same “discussion” but they are very different topics so please understand them in their sections as detailed below starting off with those that are from Chas Everitt our franchise company.

Chas Everitt Recognition
There are no financial benefits paid to agents or staff from the Chas Everitt organisation, however, the Chas Everitt as a franchise organisation and as an integral part of our franchise system and identity organises fabulous Regional and National events to recognise sales, rentals and service performance.

The primary focus for sales and rental agents is a certification based recognition event at a Regional and National level. We also have a prestigious Master Agent recognition programme and an ultra-elite recognition called the Circle of Champions.

To see how these awards work and on what they are based please download the attached schedule here:

The Annual Funvention is an international event that has been held in various prestigious fun destinations including Argentina, Mexico, Mauritius, Bali ,Vietnam and a number of luxury cruises! This year it is a Baltic Cruise.

To attend an invitation is earned by exceeding a required Company Rand amount in registered commissions. This figure is determined annually and can be obtained from Bruce, our Sales Manager. This is not just an overseas trip it is an event of a lifetime! Talk to someone who has been! Please note the costs of this event are paid for on a per person sharing basis by the franchise where you are affiliated not by Chas Everitt organisation.

Master Agent (info pending)

Circle of Champions (infor pending)

Chas Everitt Cape Town South (Devler) Recognition and Incentives

1) The Agent of the Month
In addition to the above recognition, we have a Chas Everitt Agent of the Month office award that gives the agent valuable marketing exposure.

2) Chasopoly
Our previous financial incentive structure Elevate was changed to Chasopoly as from 1st January 2019. Not to repeat what is already on this site please go to the Chasopoly page from this link and then come back here for the rest of the info below. Please note that Chasopoly integrates the Chas Everitt Funvention but is an expanded version with many more levels of benefits by way of prizes and travel rewards making the Funvention focus more inclusive.