Rentals (General)

It is a unique opportunity that approved agents are able to offer rental services as a rental agent for their areas. To be very clear nobody, HAS TO DO RENTALS, it is an opportunity that in most company’s is managed by separate rental agents. At Devler we see this as a way for agents to build financial security. If you choose not to do rentals don’t be concerned as we have agents who will cover the area.

However, if you are going to do rentals you need to be clear that you will be treated by the Rental Division as a rental agent as you are getting the full rental agent share of the commission. You must be prepared to meet all the responsibilities that are involved. Rental Admin is NOT there to do your share of the work as a rental agent.

Thus, as with a property sale, all reports must be completed by the rental agent and not by the rental management. Should this not be done then a percentage of the agent’s commission portion will be deducted as someone has to do the rental agent’s work! This allocation will be decided by the Rental Manager. Rentals has far more admin to it than sales so please make sure you are prepared to what is required of you.

The following requirements are for the agents to complete before a completed lease agreement is sent to me for final approval and invoicing. This is the agent’s responsibility.



 Rental Mandate signed

 Copy of CLEAR identity for the registered   owner

 Copy of LATEST proof of address

 Letter from the Bank verifying the account details for the Landlord

Good and Clear photographs to be arranged by each agent, please take your own clear photo’s unless otherwise authorised by myself.

All the above MUST be given to your relevant reception to load into the  system once I have signed off the Rental Mandate. Nothing will go live without my signature.

Clear Listing sheet completed


  sending out of an application to be completed by the tenant in FULL

  Copy of identity documents CLEAR

  Copy of bank statements x 3 months

  Copy of Salary Slips x 3

  Copy of current proof of address

  Verifiable references

  Proof of payment for the R 230 TPN Fee

Once all the above has been properly completed by the agent. This can be scanned in and emailed to Taryn who will then complete the TPN credit check, verify the references and request further documents if need be from the agent to obtain.

Once approved Taryn will send the agent a copy of the TPN and approval via email with recommendations


The agent is then to send ALL the documents to their relevant Landlord. With all the information received, the Landlord can confirm with the agent that he would like to proceed or not. Should the Landlord wish to proceed then the AGENT is to draw up the lease and send it to their respective tenant to sign and then after that to their Landlord for signature


Once all the above has been completed by the agent then the completed signed lease is scanned in and emailed to me in a CLEAR and readable format. Taryn will then process the lease through RentalConnect and call for deposits and so forth. No payments must be paid by anyone until I have invoiced through the correct invoicing system. As on all references, there is a unique reference that is to be used by each payee.


All ingoing inspections must be done by the agent with photographs. This MUST be sent to me to load into the rentconnect system, signed by all parties. Please note that all initial snags that are present in the home on ingoing are attended to by the agent with the Landlord. This forms part of the ingoing inspection. On managed properties, Chas will attend to all ongoing issues during the course of the tenancy.

Taryn is here to assist you with any issues, in regards to questions asked by either Landlord or Tenant. For any issues related to the actual lease agreement or any other areas that you may be battling in or require guidance. Taryn is not here to do work that you are being paid for! If you are not prepared to meet ALL your responsibilities as laid out above then please do not get involved in rentals, or expect to get all the agent commission.  


  • Check Rental Mandates ensure that all the correct FICA is provided
  • Ensure that the Landlord is the registered owner OR owners
  • If the Landlord is a Company then all relevant company documents and resolutions are checked
  • Check Quality of photography
  • Check Fusion to see listings and make sure they are current
  • Load the lease and upload documents into the drive
  • Create a hard copy file for this new mandate
  • Ensure the correct application is used, Company or Individual
  • Contact employers to verify income
  • Contact previous Landlords to obtain necessary information in regards to the tenant
  • Contact references supplied by the tenant
  • Ensuring the application is correctly completed
  • In the case of a company all company requirements care verified
  • Prepare the TPN report
  • Scanning in the application into one pdf
  • Send TPN and Application PDF to the agent with detailed report on the applicant and recommendations
  • Assist in any negotiations that the agent may have in regards to amendments of clauses and applying legal opinion on whether changes can be added or removed on the lease
  • Assist agent in negotiating commission on the lease NOT NEGOTIABLE in rare cases this can be adjusted
  • Assist in payment arrangements approved by the Landlord in regards to deposits payable over 2 months etc
  • If required by the agent the lease is checked thoroughly before the agent sends the lease to the parties for signature
  • Please note no changes are allowed to the lease unless approved by rental management
  • Receive signed off lease by all parties including signature of the rental agent.
  • Check the lease thoroughly for all initials and signatures
  • Sign off the lease agreement
  • Create the Landlord in rental connect
  • Create the tenant in rental connect
  • Create the property in rental connect
  • Create the lease in rental connect
  • Create and invoice the tenant for all relevant funds inclusive of the deposit
  • Send a welcome letter and a copy of the signed lease to both Landlord and Tenant with copy of invoice due on receipt
  • Follow up on payments so that the lease can be activated
  • On receipt of funds transfer deposit into the deposit account and draw statements of account and send to both Landlord and tenant
  • Work out the commission due and invoice the Landlord
  • Apply the rental received to the commission owed and invoice for balance
  • Follow up on outstanding commission diligently
  • Once all funds are received arrange payouts and send statements to both landlord and tenant
  • Create a Commission Sheet for the lease agreement and send an invoice for payment to head office after paying out the commission to the company. Commission sheet and statement attached
  • Upload all documents for the lease into Rental Connect
  • Upload the ingoing inspection once received back from the agent into rental connect
  • Follow up on commission payments for agents and handle any commission queries
  • Please note commission can only be paid out once the tenant has taken occupation of the property
  • Managed properties all the above applies
  • On the 25th of every month an invoice for rental is sent to the tenant and attached is the city of Cape Town account showing there utilization.
  • Landlords submit COCT accounts directly to me before the 25th, in some cases we have arranged the the account is sent directly to me
  • Any other charges that are relevant to the tenant are added as well as per the lease agreement
  • Payments are followed up diligently so that funds are received by no later than the 30th of the month
  • On receipt of funds, I pay all the accounts relevant to the lease inclusive of the utilities directly to the supplier
  • From the balance I deduct the monthly management commission and arrange commission sheets and send those to head office along with proof of payment for the commission so that agents are paid on time
  • Pay out the Landlord timeously and send him proof of payment and updated statement
  • All management issues in regards to the property are handled by the admin and the differentiation is made on whether it’s a Landlord issue or tenant issue.
  • Contractors are called out to quote on the relevant work and to ascertain as per above what the cause of the issue is
  • Findings are sent to Landlord for relevant approvals
  • Contractors are then booked to repair after confirmation on time and day is arranged with tenant
  • I check repairs afterwards before the contractor is paid out. Contractors are only paid on receipt of rental. Which I arrange with the Contractor up front
  • Deposit statements with all interest accrued is sent to both the Landlord and tenant on request
  • Ensure Agent performs an outgoing inspection and the final inspection is sent to all parties and finalized
  • Ensure that the home is cleaned and in the same condition it was in on ingoing
  • Renewals are prompted by me to the relevant agent and after the agent had negotiated the terms I draft an addendum for renewal for the agent who in turn sends out to the relevant parties for signature
  • On receipt of the renewal I update Rental Connect and invoice for the renewal commission and follow up that it indeed paid
  • The Commission Sheet is sent to the head office for the agent payment process. Please not that renewals are only paid out once the new lease term commences
  • TPN is updated monthly with the payment profiles of our managed leases in categories such as, paid on time, paid late, not paid and so forth which can affect the tenants credit standing in a positive or negative way
  • Rental spreadsheets are prepared for company financial purposes in regards to stats on a month and year to year basis
  • National spreadsheets updated with all rental data which relates to regional and agents awards company commission received
  • All rental disputes and issues are handled through me and directed accordingly after legal opinion has been given
  • All payment plans that need to be arranged on managed leases are negotiated by me with the agents and relative addendums are drawn up
  • Allot of assistance given to procurement leases that we have achieved to try as best as possible to advise on the correct action to take by the landlord or tenant. All within the terms of the agreement.
  • As we keep 99% of all deposits regardless of whether they are managed or not, I arrange the refund of the deposit once all the terms and conditions of the lease has been attended to and on written consent and agreement by both Landlord and Tenant the deposit is released accordingly less any damages incurred for various reasons
  • Should a tenant wish to apply a 20 day notice period to leave and end the lease, I advice on the process as per the lease agreement and the relevant damages they could be liable for
  • Have drawn up all rental documents with STBB and have ensured that the documents are CPA compliant and in line with the Rental Housing Act
  • These documents are checked from time to time to include any necessary amendments or new inclusions
  • I attend to all the rental training for our agents in group sessions, one on ones or any time assistance or guidance is required
  • Look out for rental opportunities from time to time for our agents in various areas
  • Attend management meetings
  • Listen to any new ideas agents may have or marketing they may require