Property Videos

Videos from Clients

If you get clients to do a video for you please ask them to follow this checklist:

1)  Shoot the video scenes in landscape not portrait

2)  Please don’t try shoot the entire video in one go. It is very difficult to do that without a mistake, and it takes longer to edit.

3)  Shoot short scenes:  5 seconds is good enough for most rooms.  Outside scenes are usually better at about 6 seconds to 7 seconds.

4) It works very well if you show a room and then go into the next room. This creates continuity and flow.

5)  Try follow a logical sequence to the scenes:

Scene 1: Entrance/front of the property
Scene 2: The Living and Inside Entertainment Rooms
Scene 3: The kitchen/service area
Scene 4: Bedrooms and bathrooms  (optional but a video of every bedroom and bathroom  are not needed – Often just the main en-suite says enough!)
Scene 5: Outside entertainment area (if there is a pool it is good to show the house’s relationship to the pool/entertainment area)
Scene 6: Utility areas (optional

6)  The video’s ultimate objective is to compliment the still images and the description in the advert by creating a sense of flow and feeling. It thus should not try to cover every room and detail.  

7)  The two most common problem with videos is (a) moving the camera too fast and (b) not keeping the camera steady.

8)  The video clips should ONLY be sent to the agent who is responsible for the marketing of your property. 

9) The original video clips (scenes) should be sent either

– by email individually (if the files are small enough)
– or by using the free file transfer service ( ) to send as a batch   
– or load them into folder called “video” under the property listing on the Google Drive

(Please note that the video production company cannot work with files that are shared via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or YouTube etc)

9) If we have good quality still images, they work well with the video clips.