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What does a Free Complex Report offer;

1) Attractive magazine type personalised cover

2) Recent sales (last two or three years)

3) Area statistics (Suburb) for Sectional Title 

4) Sectional Title Diagram (main image as there are usually more)

5) Agent contact details

6) Additional photographs is available

7) Link to our Complex Resources if it is listed eg; http://teamsectionaltitle.co.za/choose-area/newlands/sevenoaks/

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Our 2017 Incentive Structure

I am really excited about our new 2017 incentives that are aimed at recruiting the best agents and retaining the best agents and I have no doubt in my mind that we are offering by far the best package of overall benefits that any company in Cape Town South offers.  

It is so important that an incentive structure is just that – it should really serve to excite and motivate better performance and that is what it should reward.

We are not going to spell it out here on our website because we really want the opportunity to talk to agents about how it will work for them, but the core of the structure is to focus on skills development and acting on those skills to increase the agent's productivity and satisfaction and thereby their personal growth.  

We really feel that a Devler agent representing Chas Everitt and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World should not only be able to offer the very best marketing strategies but be rewarded in the best way possible when they produce excellent results. 

You can get a pdf on Elevate from the password protected pages under Useful Links


Know your zoning (or lose your boodle…)

Sellers could be losing 30% or more of the value of their property when they sell, by simply not being aware of the development potential of their property due to their zoning.

Cape Town estate agent Andre de Villiers said he was shocked to hear of a sale recently, where elderly sellers had accepted a "rather modest offer" directly from a private buyer, a property developer, where it can only be concluded that the seller was probably unaware of the property's valuable GR4 zoning.

"Sellers should remember that an estate agent who is a true specialist in an area, can provide the property owner with a lot more than just a current market valuation that is based on recent sales," said de Villiers.

"The agent can provide you with comprehensive information that will impact on a property's value including the potential for further development.  My agents are required to keep totally up to date with both market and municipal trends as well as local regulations for the area. We can also provide property owners with a free report on their zoning, and what this zoning means.  Even if you are a private seller or have a private buyer interested in your property, it is still highly recommended that you protect your interests by asking an agent to give you a well-motivated valuation," said de Villiers.

Nobody doubts that that an extra room or a garage adds a tangible value to a property, but the fact that the owner could actually build a block of flats on their property could be far more important to the inherent value of the existing property. This is often information that a property owner simply does not know.


Spring 2016 – A Marketing Bloom


We have launched a special website for Spring called BestPropertyPrice.co.za detailing all our marketing advantages in an easy matrix for different types of properties and listings.  We are also very excited to coincide this with the start of our 360 Video – Virtual Realty Real Estate! If anyone was going to be first with this, it just had to be us! 

Tips for Selling in Spring

1) De-clutter and Reduce 

Make sure to do a good clear-out, before your property goes on the market, to make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Box-up items that you don’t regularly use and pop them in storage. You’ll come across various items that you no longer need, so why not do everyone a favour and make a trip to the local charity shop. This will save you valuable time before you have to move house too!

When you’re cleaning, try to look objectively at your home and see it through a potential buyer’s eyes. In particular, make sure you wash windows and curtains, dust the blinds, clean the skirting boards, kitchen appliances, and tidy-out wardrobes and cupboards. Move any furniture that might not have been moved for years and clean behind and underneath them.

2) It's Cheap! Fresh Coat of Paint and Varnish!

You want potential buyers to picture their own furniture and household items in your home so, by decorating neutrally, you increase your chances of selling. Neutral colours can also make small spaces appear far bigger and they allow potential buyers to imagine how they could inject their own personality into the property.

3) Show Your Space

Move your furniture around to maximise the feeling of space and light. That huge sofa bed, for example, might best be replaced, at least temporarily, with more compact seating!

4) Clean Carpeting and Flooring

Flooring an entire home is expensive, as anyone who has had to do it will tell you. So you don’t want a buyer to feel that they need to replace what is currently there. If you have carpets, make sure to give them all a good hoover, remembering to get into the edges around skirting boards and cupboards. If there are stains or stubborn marks on the carpet, consider hiring a cleaning firm to shampoo the carpets. It’s amazing how an older carpet can look good-as-new when it’s been given a good clean.

5) Add Colour and Tidy-up the Garden

If your property has a front garden, it is the first thing that any potential buyer will see. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so maximising your property’s kerb appeal is vital to helping potential buyers fall in love with your home. Sweep-up any leaves or debris that are left over from the winter months and try to get wheelie bins out of the way.

Give the lawn its first cut of the season if you can and remove any weeds, especially ones that are coming up through the paving. A cheap way to inject some colour into your flower beds is to buy some spring classics such as daffodils or tulips from the nursery.

Every Spring we have an increase in properties on the market – so don't be complacent just because it is a sellers market! Help us help you to get the #BestPropertyPrice