Policy on Distributing all Branded Marketing Materials ……….. Editable PDF Templates (and TrainingVideo )

1.) Any flyers or eflyers must be approved by Andre regardless of who pays for them, or who designs them.

2.) We use Canva templates that are personalised as needed and editable pdf flyers.

3.) Marketing rules pertaining to what may be offered to sellers and under what conditions, can be found on our public site dedicated for this purpose; It is thus not duplicated here.

4.) Below you can find the info you need regarding other aspects of marketing. If you feel the info you are looking for is not here then please request it to be added from Andre directly.

Effective 1 July 2021: MAGIC MAILERS have been discontinued due to Popi 


(Order from Sheree before 12 Noon Wednesday)
These will be designed by Sheree but printed for you at your designated office.

A5 Showhouse Flyers

Sheree will design and your designated office will print 20 A5 Showhouse flyers for the first showhouse of any property. 
These should be delivered to the 20 houses closest to the showhouse property within a few days before the showhouse.


A5 Showing Two Properties

Printed Flyers (Just Listed and Just Sold);

A) Printed in-house or at printers as may be applicable to the volumes.
* Template based designs
* For every new sole mandate you can get  200 A5 print Just Listed (100 A4) or print credit
* For every final sale you can get a 200 A5 print Just Sold (100 A4) or print credit
* The print credit means that you can add 2 or more print credits together (eg: 4 properties x 200) to get 800 flyers
   Larger quantities are printed at the commercial printers – better quality.
* The inhouse flyers are printed on standard 80gm bond paper, however you can upgrade the paper at your own cost through to approved superior thicker paper (only available from Tokai office).
You may not supply your own paper for use on our printers due to our maintenance agreement with the printer lease company.

Note: If you order A5 flyers please use the office guillotine carefully to cut the flyers to size. If you make a cutting mistake the flyers will not be replaced.


B) Boosted eFlyer Campaign
* Done for you designs (An A5 e Flyer and a Social Media version)
* The eFlyer is posted on your Area Blog which also goes to Blog Subscribers
* The Social Media is posted to your Area Facebook and Area Twitter accounts
* The Facebook version will get a Paid Boost
Note: No hassle to cut or time wasted distributing!
Digital marketing allows an immediate response

Ordering: Anytime – You order both of the above choosing the Flyer Form Submitter on (see the FORMS tab)

If you want the Printed flyers as well as the Boosted eFlyer campaign there will be a cost to the agent of R200-00 to pay the additional costs to Facebook.

Area Reports

These are done for you and send to our subscribers on a quarterly basis.