Street Report

Agents are encouraged to offer and send out Street Reports which reflect the value of sales activity in a street.

See sample below:

The above Street Report is produced in Canva, but you can create or send any format you like and the info is sourced from Lightstone. We do not create a Street Report for you – we send it for you and we try to send them on a Tuesday and give you the result on a Thursday by email.

Leeann sends the Street Report via Leadsquared (the Lead Generation CRM) and this will show you who got the reports and who didn’t. This marketing initiative allows you to contact those who did not get the report and to offer it to them – either a printed or a email version, but sending the email version allows you an opportunity to get a Popi compliant email address.

You are required to return the report to Leeann with the additional and amended contact info. This means that you are building your CRM data in TVA, and we are building our CRM data in Leadsquared to your advantage. Every time we send a report we are thus enhancing the quality of our CRM info.