Internal Referrals

Leeann as Communications Co-ordinator is not in any way involved in Internal Referrals.

* The only basis for a BUYER referral to be processed is that it was entered into the Buyers Database on Fusion. The buyer is “valid” for four months after which the buyer is treated as an office buyer.

The referral commission for a buyer contributed to the buyer’s database is 10% of the selling agent’s commission.

* Seller referrals are made agent to agent (usually on Fusion as well).
If an agent does not accept a seller referral a reason why is expected.
If you need more info than that which is displayed on Fusion to determine if a referral is to be accepted then ask for it.
Accepting a referral via Fusion to get more information to make a decision will NOT be the basis for determining a valid referral. Fusion is not OUR system it is a generic referral system created by Private Property.

The referral commission for a seller is 20% of the selling agent’s commission.

We deal with each other as professionals that are part of a team.
Treat each other with professional respect!

If you have an issue with this policy or require any clarity please refer to the person who created the rules decades ago; Andre