Helen Oosthuizen is the Intern Mentor


A)  to guide an agent on their path to becoming a full status agent … to keep an eye on that progress with a regular “on track” meeting with the Intern checking that required processes and documentation is being followed.
B)  to take legal responsibility for what the Intern signs (to make sure it meets EAAB Code of Conduct and legal requirements) particularly mandates and offers etc.

The mentor is not the Sales Manager or the Trainer.
If the Intern needs sales assistance this should not be confused with the role of the Sales Manager

Inevitably a degree of functional crossover in these areas is unavoidable and it depends on the extra that a mentor feels comfortable providing however, a Mentor must keep the distinction between Mentor and Sales Manager clear in the mind of the Intern.

It is natural that an Intern will see their mentor as a sounding board on ideas. But the Mentor needs to be clear about when the Intern should be going to the Sales Manager for assistance. It is not the Mentor’s job to secure listings and negotiate sales. When the role in a transaction has exceeded the Mentor’s responsibility then the Mentor should be sharing directly in the commission in that sale that reflects their input.