IMPACT Marketing Strategy

The objective is to be known liked and trusted, because that is what creates relationships and reputation which ensures you of your business growth.

IMPACT is a strategy to focus your attention on the main sources of your business so that you can create maximum business opportunities
This is your personal marketing programme.

Based on National Association of Realtors research (and tweaked for our market) shows in order of importance where our business comes from:

1) Network of agents
2) Past Clients
3) Friends and Family
4) Farming Activities (inc showhouses)
5) Google (GMB)
6) Business and Community Networking
7) Chas Brand
8) FiSBO (often included in 4 above but requires a specific strategy)
9) RPRT (networking activity not covered above – being in the ‘right place at the right time’)

I have grouped these together to reduce the number of sources for example showhouses are included in Farming Activities.

We must have a tailored strategy
for all the important business sources 
the agent and the company must work towards
to make maximum IMPACT together
with the objective to be KNOWN LIKED TRUSTED
ie that is to create relationships

While our strategies have to be modified
to these different business sources,
the recipe to create these RELATIONSHIPS
8 Touches in 6 Months 



Farming Worksheet (in download)

Business / Community Organisations Worksheet (in download

Realtor Network (not yet available)

Past Clients (not yet available)