Updated 2 July 2021: View Sample Flyer / Letter to Give to a Local Business – Teresa A4 


#HelloLocal Spring 2020 Back to Business Marketing Campaign.

Win the hearts and minds of our local community offering meaningful support to local business and local organizations.

A) For everybody in our area: A free Sponsored Listing from Chas Everitt CTS – You do not need to do anything at all – people will see it and act and it is happening!

B) For 50 people identified by you: A free UPGRADED Sponsored listing per agent plus an active promotion campaign of that listing on our eNeighbourhoods community distribution platform. A valuable gift from you!

As A is 100% DFY (Done for you) I am not going to elaborate on A here but rather focus on B the upgraded Sponsored Package as this requires our active focus:

There are really three main points to remember.
1) With B, The Premium Plan benefits are activated once the Sponsored Account is created by the client as long as the name of the business name corresponds to the name supplied to me in the form sent to me on Devler.co.za
2) Only with B does the member get the active promotion via eNeighbourhoods
3) Only with B does the member get use of the 021 2005882 support line

Advantages to us:
* This Spring campaign includes our own promotion in everything we are doing via the banner ads which are linked to our cei.co.za website
* It displays very well the unique marketing we control which can be seen to potential sellers as a big advantage and they will be reminded of that in later communications
* This is a massive relationship builder – POPIA compliant we are creating a communication bridge to build a relationship based on us giving and creating what in marketing is called a reciprocal obligation.
* It’s a superbly timeous opportunity re Covid-19 and it is a positive message
* It creates content for our eNeighbourhoods platform that is local and relative and smart members that take up this offer will jump at the coupon voucher facility in their upgraded membership plan amongst others.

We have approved a substantial ‘paid post budget’ to market this promotion on social media.

Please find supporting material on the drop down tabs under HelloLocal on Devler.co.za