FAQ (Agents)

Information is divided into Sections

Section A – New Agent
Section B – Training
Section C – Payments and Incentives
Section D – Marketing
Section E – Sales Administration
Section F – Referrals
Section G – Property Information
Section H – Related Property Services
Section I – Documents
Section J – Personal Promotion / Area Promotion
Section K – Office Recognition (Agent of the month)

Unless specified, the document or service is available from the respective Office Secretary!

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This page is constantly updated!  
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Last updated 18 August 2016

This is an easy reference for agents and staff about “who does what and where” to find resources.
Hyperlinks are used where possible to make it easy to simply click through to what you are looking for. 



New Agent Documentation
Documentation for EAAB and Chas Everitt – Eileen  (@Tokai office)

Company Telephone List –  (@Constantia office) Devler Telephone List November 2017

Business cards are ordered through Eileen – only when your photo has been approved. (Tokai office)

SECTION B – Training

To book a place on the next Chas Everitt Training (Franchisor Training) please talk to your Sales Manager Valuation software training is to be provided to all agents by their respective Sales Manager (there is also a updated video)

Training is provided by Andre de Villiers
Orientation training is provided by the respective Sales Manager
Personal Promotion training is provided by Andre de Villiers
Property Information Training (eg; CMA Info) is provided by Terence Ferdinando or it is arranged by him with the respective company  

SECTION C – Incentives etc

Commission payments are made weekly on a Wednesday

Incentives (Reviewed annually) and Annual Funvention  
For details of the Annual Funvention (qualification criteria changes every year) please contact Andre de Villiers (link to folder) 

For Master Agent Incentive 2016 (link to document) refer to Sales Manager
For Full Status Agent Incentive 2016 – 60% commission after third sale in the month (sales must qualify) refer to Sales Manager

SECTION D – Marketing  

To see what we offer sellers (The “Marketing Matrix”) please look at our easy reference BestPropertyPrice.co.za 
Print Media
Advertising in Argus (Corporate Page) – Terence (@Claremont)
Advertising in Argus A-Z – Terence (@Claremont)
(All advertising is to be requested using the Advert Submitter online form which is on the Devler.co.za website)
Just Listed or Just Sold flyers – Max 200 per property (Nicehub -Order via the Flyer Submitter online form on Devler.co.za website)
Showhouse brochures 
Window display (if you want a sole mandate displayed in other office windows please send it to that office’s secretary) 

Other Flyers / External Printing
Any flyers created by Janine at Head Office or on Nichehub are pre-approved for design purposes.  
Other designs must be approved by the Sales Manager or Andre de Villiers before printing.
Eileen places the orders and will require your signed approval of the final proof as well as agreement to pay whatever amount has been agreed. 
Our external printing is done by the company Webprinter who take a week to print and deliver. 
(The business has moved away from printed flyers to electronic media and does not as a rule pay for personalised flyers without such an order being approved directly by Andre de Villiers, design costs however, for printing that includes the Chas Everitt logo are provided by Devler at no cost to the agent.)

Digital Media
Internet listings for False Bay – Natasha (False Bay) 
Internet listings for Southern Suburbs – Anthea (Tokai)

Video – Andre
For Sale boards – from Sales Manager or Terence
Professional photographer – Rebecca (order by email to Rebecca and copy Terence)
Virtual Tours – Rebecca (order by email to Rebecca and copy Terence)
Drone photography (order by email from Rebecca and copy Terence) 
2D or 3D Floorplans – Order through Terence (These are done by Romeu from HOMEimage – do not order direct!)
360 Video – Rebecca (as from 1st September 2016)
Optional Chas Everitt branded marketing materials (for agent account) (Catalogue) – Orders through Eileen

Luxury Portfolio
Properties over R8 000 000 co-ordinated by the Luxury Portfolio Marketing Co-ordinator – Lisa Fairclough @Tokai office (Team leader Sally Gracie)
There is also a special website for these properties called LuxuryPortfolio.com this is administered by Lisa Fairclough)

Promotional Items & Gifts
Chas Everitt supplies a range of promotional clothing and branded gifts.  These are optional and for agents account. 
Devler will provide one Chas Bear for every sale as a gift to the buyer – this is available from Eileen but subject to availability (imported) 
Personal brochures (more here) 

Presentation Folders

Stocks of the Listing Presentation Folder are kept by the Office Secretary.  
Each Presentation Folder contains;
1) Chas Everitt “Blueprint for Success” entitled Your story starts here”
2) The A3 folded to A4 (four sided) A-Z Marketing Solutions
3) Form – Sole Mandate  (* You never keep other versions of the Mandate such as Dual Mandate etc in the Presentation Folder but in your briefcase!)
4) Form – Disclosure Form
5) Form – Service Guarantee 
6) Insert your business card into the folder in the space provided
7) You must add into the folder the Valuation you have completed.
You may add some additional items at your own discretion and personalise your Presentation Folder but please make sure you do not add too many bits and pieces that actually distract from the quality of the Presentation Materials provided. 
If you have a Personal Brochure, you would include this but do not duplicate the contents of the Pre Listing Pack if you are using one!

Please remember that it is critical that the completed Disclosure Form is attached to the Offer to Purchase as an Addendum.  Eileen is getting too many Offers to Purchase handed in with no Disclosure Form.  You are taking a substantial personal liability as the agent if you fail to attach the Disclosure Form if it was completed!

Listing and Prospecting Marketing Materials
Presentation Pack – (see above) 
Pre Listing Pack – (this is a personalised item that is strongly encouraged but due to its personalisation is not a provided stock item.)
Printed marketing materials;  Devler’s focus on digital marketing products and provides marketing materials for digital delivery.  
All printed material such as flyers and post cards have to be discussed on a specific needs basis with the Sales Manager and the payment of these materials agreed to.
Thank You post cards are expected to be used widely are available from the Office Secretary.
Event Flyers – Occasionally special event flyers are produced for general distribution which may or may not be personalised and these will be provided free of charge to agents in quantities determined by Devler management, such as Sports Event Flyers, Calendars etc

SECTION E : Sales Administration
Sales Administration for all offices –  Eileen at Tokai Office is the Sales Administrator.  

Once an Offer to purchase has been signed by all parties you must complete the Sales File which must then be signed off by the Sales Manager before it goes to Eileen

Service Questionnaires – All buyers and sellers are sent a questionnaire where service is rated out of 5

Section F – Referrals

Buyer’s Database (Buyers Lists) :  There are currently three buyers databases – False Bay (Natasha), and Southern Suburbs Freehold and Southern Suburbs Sectional Title
External Referrals – Glynis is the Referral Co-ordinator and it is a function we run from the Claremont Office (The business only actively monitors External referrals we send and received by us – internal referrals are not monitored) 
(All referrals – both internal and external – are processed via online forms on the Devler.co.za website)

Section G – Property Information
Avid Firefly software (works out transfer and purchase costs affordability etc) and is sponsored by STBB – Terence

Section H – Related Property Services
Foreign exchange – Please contact Dawn van Rensburg (Read this and get contact details here)
Conveyancers – We work with STBB Claremont (Ashleigh and Martine)

Section I – Documents  (All documents are Andre’s responsibility)
We keep all documents in a shared folder called “Devler Office Documents” on the Google Drive where they are always available to you.
You must be logged into you everitt.co.za account to access this folder.

Listing Form
Mandate Form
Seller Disclosure Form
Marketing Schedule
Service Guarantee
Offer to Purchase (Freehold)
Offer to Purchase (Sectional Title)
Thank you letter with Mandate + Marketing schedule to client
Showday Visitor’s Register
Letter Library (when linking to Google Drive you need to be logged into your Everitt.co.za email account)

PERSONNEL functions
These are mostly handled at head office.  Our liaison with head office is through Eileen.
This is rational as often these are in some or other way finance related such as tax directives and EAAB matters.
If you have any such matter please contact Eileen and if it is something head office can deal with directly Eileen will ask them to contact you.  
Please do not contact anyone in Zelda’s team directly – contact Eileen who very often will be able to assist you immediately or who will know who the right person is to contact you.  

Section J – Personal Promotion / Prospecting

Local Promotions – Golf days and School events etc 

These are a great way for you to network and be seen in a positive light by the community but you need to work these events and get them into your CRM or you really miss the point and the opportunity!  The display and promotion is owned by the Region for our use in the Region.It needs to be booked with Amanda in advance so you know you have it for your event.  
Anything that is in your “patch” is up to you and you need to arrange it with your Sales Manager.  While the business will supply banners and whatever based on Regional availability, we do not purchase consumables for sponsored events.

Local community engagement is definitely well worthwhile but remember these events all desperately need publicity to be a success.  We are able to offer the organisers thousands of Rands worth of effective local marketing through our eNeighbourhoods structure; being our community blogs and linked social media.

I always suggest that you put it this way;  
“We are thrilled to confirm that we have agreed to sponsor you R5000 worth of social media 
marketing exposure via our 2016 budget with service provider eNeighbourhoods.”

CRM and Social Media
Unless otherwise indicated all of these are currently managed directly by Andre 

* A property advertised in the print media as going on show, is automatically included in a showhouse marketing strategy.
You do not need to do anything – unless it is a ‘sunshine’ showhouse (not advertised) then you need to tell Terence so we can activate the Blog and Social Media marketing!

Community Directory (This is managed by Anthea) 
Websites (Complete List)
Area Blogs (Complete List)
Facebook Community Pages
Twitter Community Feed
Google + 

Valuation Related Information

City of Cape Town Zoning (Look at any erf to find zoning)
Zoning Scheme 2012 (This is the latest) pdf

Section K – Office Recognition

Agent of the Month – This gives you ‘bragging rights’ and marketing exposure it is not linked to financial rewards 

Based on all Final Sales in the month:  The agent with the most points is Agent of the Month 
* For a sale 2 points
* Per R2 000 000 plus 1 point
* Per Over 5% plus 1 point
* Per Over 6% plus 1 point


Remember unless specified the document or service is available from the respective Office Secretary!

Were you looking for something that was not here? Just email me and I will correct it or add it!