Disclosure Form

Please note that as from 1 August 2019 we shall require the use of the following Annexure for every sale we administer as part of the documentation to be submitted. It will be required that both the buyer and the seller sign this disclosure form. We will use the EAAB form and NOT a Chas Everitt form as it shows the parties that this is an external requirement and I believe it will thus be less subject to debate.

In the event that a buyer or seller refuses to sign this Annexure that needs to be communicated to Bev and that confirmation must be made by the Sales Manager by way of an email to Bev and kept on file but after the Sales Manager’s attempts to get the Annexure signed.

The potential refusal of a seller to sign the EAAB disclosure is in itself troubling for obvious reasons but it could be that the seller might say that the agent was informed and in this way attempt to move the responsibility for the defect to the agent and agency. If a problem exists and is known to the seller or by us, it has to be dealt with and most problems can be accounted for fairly by way of a financial adjustment in the price and such to be communicated to the purchaser before they purchase.