Crafting a Real Estate Ad

Crafting an Effective Ad

Why does this matter
1) Your opportunity to prove yourself as a marketer!
(a) Show sellers and buyers you are worth working with.

(b) In an increasingly competitive word nobody notices “another” estate agent
they notice those that stand out – those that shine.
2) Get qualified responses that you can work with

Changing nature of Marketing
Most of us were taught how to write ads for print.
Some rules are the same others are totally different – if not the opposite.
Classifieds evolved to b/w AZ type displays evolved to colour Corporate evolved to multiple colour images on websites to video walk throughs and floor plans
But has the training evolved?

What stayed the same:
1) Competition for eyeballs
2) The need to get attention

3) A picture still says a thousand words
4) Inform the buyer
5) A call to action  

What has changed:
Expectations of the buyer – wants to be fully informed
(a) Online today’s availability

(b) POA
(c) where is it?
(d) everything I need to know
(e) accuracy
(f) I can get my own info
(g) How long as this been on the market

What else is about to happen:
(h) expectation of personalization (we will see huge advances here)
(i) AI – the ad will find you because you will indicate you are looking

Huge problem areas:
1) Crafting an effective ad professionally is not what we currently see!
2) Control over photographs – 50% poor 20 % shocking!
3) Mixed messaging
4) Lack of flow – reflects a rushed job!
5) Unprofessional use of superlatives!  “Awesome fabulous amazing stunning etc.”

6) Spelling and grammatical errors (UK spelling not USA – use Grammarly – it’s free)
7) Disconnect between pictures and heading and the copy

What an opportunity!
Accept the challenge
1) I would raise people attention – draw sellers to the fact – that my ads are the best in the business. 
2) We know the reason for choosing us in to MANAGE THE MARKETING PROCESS of the property – what could be better proof than your ads?
Make your listings your CV!

Golden rules:
1) 20 photographs are great but 18 are better than two that detract!
2) Video is expected (R100 extra to you if open listing)
3) Make sure there is a relationship between the Heading and the Copy (story)
4) Copy must match features and benefits
5) Call to action – Questions then call
6) Think of signature to your ads – extra things to do

It is not the task of the PA or the office secretary to be involved in your advertising other than to copy and paste what you hand in.  It is not the task of the PA or the office secretary to choose a change on your picture sequence and the description.  You are paid to be a marketing professional.