Community Events

We are in control of a publicity machine!
Publicity is money! 


When you are approached by anyone looking for you or Chas Everitt Cape Town South to sponsor an even the answer is always yes and this is what you can offer that conservatively offers a R2000-00 plus value!

1) We can provide design services for example a flyer and or social media images – Value R500-00
2) We can distribute social media messaging via our network of social media accounts – Value R1250-00 *
3) We can carry news of the event on our area websites – R250-00
4) We can also list the organisation in the HelloLocal directory (depends on organisation)
5) Additional support as decided per agent (sponsorship of a prize etc)

* These posts do not rely on organic reach alone.
We put a marketing budget behind the social media posts on Facebook to increase our reach to an area.