Chasopoly 2019

Terms and Conditions

1) Each person participates in Chasopoly in an individual capacity.

2) The values are based on Company Rand earned (ie A sale where we receive of R100 000 commission after vat that is shared between two agents equally gives each agent R25 000 and each agent R25 000 Company Rand.

3) The figures are based on Registered Sales between 1st January and 31st Dec 2019

4) You go onto the board and then move one space each time you have earned a figure of R19 750 Company Rand

5) You are entitled to the benefits of each space you land on or pass through 

6) Travel Vouchers are determined on an annual basis (qualifying period) and are awarded to agents who complete the 2019 year at Devler 

7) Travel Vouchers are not accumulative – the Voucher is based on the highest achieved in the qualifying period.

8) Chance and Community Chest are both instant vouchers and will be awarded when an agent reaches a Chance or a Community Chest block

9) Chance is a personal pamper prize (eg: a spa voucher) and Community Chest is a business related personal promotion prize (eg: a promotional flyer)

10) No vouchers or prizes are exchangeable for cash

11) Proportional credit calculation:

After the R12 000 Travel Voucher has been earned on side three for each of every ten blocks (moves) a proportional credit towards the Funvention can be earned. 
Please note these examples for clarity: 

(a) If the cost of the Funvention is R45 000 and the agent gets to the last block (called LONDON) before qualifying for the Funvention they would get (a) R12 000 for completing side three plus R29  700 ie a total of R41 700 paying in the difference of R3 300. 
(b) If the agent got to the second last block (called DURBAN) before qualifying they would get (a) R12 000 for completing side three plus R26 400 ie a total of R38 400 paying in the difference of R6 600. 
(c) If the agent got to the second last block (called CAPE TOWN) before qualifying they would get (a) R12 000 for completing side three plus R23 100 ie a total of R35 100 paying in the difference of R9 900.

12) Chasopoly replaces Elevate and all our incentives with effect from the 1st January 2019. Elevate and any other incentive that may be applicable comes to an end at the end of December 2018.