At a meeting of agents on 6 July Lisa Osrin proposed a beach clean up and in subsequent discussion of this suggestion a broader community action initiative seemed to enjoy support from a number of agents giving each agent a chance to manage a project for a few hours in their area


The discussion came to the following points of consensus for further investigation;


1) It would be a monthly team activity
2) The activity would preferably be located in the organising agent’s farming area or zone
3) The activity would be aimed at benefiting the community
4) It would be arranged with Andre – to arrange publicity and marketing before and after the event as well as logistical support
5) It would creating visibility and online social media marketing opportunities

6) Agents would be expected to participate on a ‘you support me and I will support you’ team basis
7) the activity / event to be arranged so that the team volunteers can ‘come and go’ within two hours duration on an agreed day
8) This to be part of ChasCares (ie Cape Town South contribution)
9) Participating agents will give their activity or event concept (meeting the above conditions) to Andre to coordinate who will maintain a monthly register of events on ChasCares page on and assist with the organisation particularly with respect to the marketing

We will use our Chas Cares “Pledge 67 Hours of Team Community Service” to tie this into the Mandela Day

Due to the current Covid lockdown these events will start in August.

These are the Events and organisers: (more details will be added as I get them)

1) August – Lisa.O – “Wynberg – Wynberg Park – clean up”
2) September – John Gentz / Franlize Fourie “Plumstead” Probably connected to Meals on Wheels
3) October – Teresa – “Claremont –  Imam Haron Road – clean up”
4) November – Anthony – “Fish Hoek – Tears (Animal Welfare)”
5) December – “Andre & Sally – Christmas Hampers Stonehurst”
6) January – Joe “Tokai – Clean up”
7) February – Elmari – “Heathfield”
8) March – Clement – “Muizenberg”
9) April – Cecily & Murray “BMK Easter related”
10) May – Janine Waters – “Lakeside”
11) June – Taryn Jacqui Lily – “Constantia”
12) July – Kim “Kirstenhof” Environment related

We will be doing caps and not t-shirts

Enjoy multiple marketing support and exposure before and after your event:
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