Spring Portfolio Sample Video

This is a sample video please do not use it for any promotional purposes

Don’t forget that the deadline for your personalised Spring Portfolio video is 15th August 2019 and there will be no extensions to this. After the 15th you may still swap a property or add a property to the video until the 20th August.

You have to have at least 6 properties and a maximum of 12 properties

PremiumListings.co.za Launched

Here is a sample that has does does not have a floor plan or video

10 Great Advantages of a SPW:

1) Unique domain eg: https://1.premiumlistings.co.za/ that is dynamic (designed for all devices)
2) Large hi-res professional photos 
3) Unique site theme per property
4) Gallery Page (unlimited number of pictures and video) 
5) Floor plans page as applicable (not in this example) 
6) Location page – an exciting interactive feature that highlights the location advantages in a map format
7) Marketing Updates page – this feeds social media posts about showhouses, price changes – it is in effect a mini blog shared to social media on this listing
8) Agent branded Contacts Page 
9) Every SPL gets a paid boost on social media at a specifically targeted buyer profile
10) Google optimisation for the specific features of the property with ten keywords

Because some properties are not generic …

Single Property Websites

Introducing www.PremiumListings.co.za

A First in South African Real Estate Marketing;

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 05.48.47

Exclusive to Chas Everitt Cape Town South 

The purpose of www.PremiumListings.co.za is to provide unique elegant SINGLE PROPERTY WEBSITES for selected Cape Town properties.

A dedicated website that comprises a single property is devoid of detractions, has subtle company branding and is totally focussed on the specific property.

A corporate website or an aggregator property portal (such as Property24) cannot achieve this objective with their ‘one size fits all’ database system architecture, nor are they intended to fulfil this need.

“On any portal currently – we treat a bachelor flat pretty much the same way as a luxury home – other than offering more pictures or an optional banner ad!”
– Quote from a system designer of one of South Africa’s top property portals.

At www.PremiumListings.co.za we don’t accept that this restriction is either logical or suitable for high-end properties.  Thus the concept of www.PremiumListings.co.za SINGLE PROPERTY WEBSITES was born.  This service is exclusively contracted to various individual agents on a regionally exclusive basis.

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How are the Top Agents Ranked

Awards and Recognition


I have been asked about the Awards and Recognition structure so here is some basics.

To make the system as fair as possible Chas Everitt applies a weighted points system whereby the top agent gets points in four categories;

1) Sales Volume / Turnover (eg 150 million Rands worth of property)
2) Number of Units (eg 50 properties)
3) Company commission earned (Company share)
4) Sole Mandates Sold (must be in effect at the time of sale)

The above is the basis for the Quarterly Awards and the Annual Awards.  There are two functions a year. The function in July recognises the first two quarters while the function in January (or February) recognises the last two quarters, as well as the entire year.

– Devler Estates is proud to have had qualifying agents for the Funvention every year and to have consistently achieved numerous top level awards, including top metro office awards more than any other office.   

While there can only be one top individual agent the company also recognises teams which can consist of two or more agents.  If an agent was in a partnership for half a year then half the points are earned by that agent and the full points for the remainder of the year that the agent was solo.

The Funvention has an annual target (ask your Sales Manager), and the Franchisee (not Chas Everitt) covers the cost of any qualifying agent to attend the Funvention but please note this is neither a transferable award nor can it be taken in another form such as cash or other travel.  Funventions are held internationally at luxury resorts and have been held in Bali, Mauritius, Buenos Aires, onboard Luxury Cruise ships in the Mediterranean etc.  The 2018 Funvention will be in Cancun, Mexico for the first time. 

Free Complex Report


Please click on image to download a sample of a Free Complex Report 
(When this is promoted it will be required to provide some information)

What does a Free Complex Report offer;

1) Attractive magazine type personalised cover

2) Recent sales (last two or three years)

3) Area statistics (Suburb) for Sectional Title 

4) Sectional Title Diagram (main image as there are usually more)

5) Agent contact details

6) Additional photographs is available

7) Link to our Complex Resources if it is listed eg; http://teamsectionaltitle.co.za/choose-area/newlands/sevenoaks/

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