Community Directory

The is so much more than it may seem at first glance. 

1) It is a localised online directory for advertising services and products and the free listing offers anyone in our Cape Town South geographic area from Observatory to Cape Point an opportunity to list in the directory. No catch. 

2) This is a free community service and if an advertiser wants to upgrade they may do so.  It is an online directory for advertising services and products.  The free listing offers anyone in our Cape Town South geographic area from Observatory to Cape Point an opportunity to list in the directory, and there is no catch.  

3) It is Google optimised, greatly increasing an advertisers chances of being found on Google searches.

4) It is featured and linked to all over 20 local area blogs, such as,, that are sponsored by Chas Everitt and operated by eNeighbourhoods. 

The main benefit for our agents is that the upgrade plans including the Premium Plan can be offered by them at their sole discretion as a gift (valued at R1200-00 a year) to local business persons and organisations to help develop networking relationships that are vital to a professional real estate sales agent.

The process is very straightforward;

1) As a Devler agent you can offer the Premium Plan to the owner of any non real estate business in your area

2) They only need to create an account on the Basic Plan and list their business. 
    Once they have done this they must confirm with the agent who offered that they have completed their business listing.

3) The agent will let me know and I will go into the directory software and upgrade the account to the Premium Plan and confirm to the agent that the upgrade has been affected.

4) The agent can then tell their client their Premium Plan is ready, after which the full additional services will be available 

The basis for a good relationship with that business person has been created – the very essence of the real estate business!

You have given that local business person an R1200-00 gift, and all you need to do is remind them to consider you and your business when they know of someone with a property need!


Portals Rise In Popularity

buyerinspection– Andre de Villiers

With every sale we do our best to establish the source of the buyer and the source of the seller. Such research is a vital part of running any successful and growing business and in the rapidly evolving world of real estate, we are no different and detecting trends is a critical part of both budget and strategic planning.

Having just concluded a survey of 2013 sales the biggest trend I have identified is the substantial increase in the use of property portals by buyers, over the use of Corporate websites. Of the portals, Property24 is for our areas clearly the outright preferred portal. Fewer buyers seem to be interested in what any individual company website has to offer with a clear preference to go to the shared portal sites.  It seems that at least 50% of the value in the Corporate website is now for purposes of positioning on Google and other search engines, for those buyers who don't know about the property portals. *

Of the buyers surveyed on their buying process significantly all except 11% had used the internet as part of their search to find a property to buy. Of these 72% remember using the portal Property24.  Only 33% mentioned any other property portal (this was mostly PrivateProperty followed by IOL and Tivvit) and even more interesting to me, only a 27% could recall using any individual company's website.  I would very much like the Western Cape Institute of Estate Agents to undertake a regional survey to establish these trends, and have communicated such request to them as I don't believe that the portals themselves can really be expected to provide independent commentary on this.  

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Chas Everitt 2013 Awards – Fri 21st Feb 2014

It's 21st February 2014 and it's time to recognise the achievements of 2013 at the Western Cape's Annual Chas Everitt Awards to be held at the Asara Wine Estate.
Our team of winners from Chas Everitt Cape Town South will be recognised for their superb achievements in the Chas Everitt franchise group with a record five of our agents attending this years international Funvention Cruise in Europe!  

Who will be the Top Agent of the Year – who will be the Top Partnership of the Year – watch this space!

Few Sellers Interested in Home Staging?


While I am reluctant to quote any US figures (*which is all I can find) there is a prevailing and logical opinion that ‘staging’ a home will not only increase its chances of selling, but will get a significantly improved price.  However my experience has been that most South African sellers are really not that interested in using professional home staging services.

My sales team and I have a new approach, providing the seller with some work sheets and a DIY DVD as we are convinced that a small effort with regard to home presentation does produce excellent returns. 

We are encouraging sellers to follow a few golden rules;

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Turn a Grudge Purchase into a Valuable Sales Asset


With nearly 30 years in real estate if anyone asks me what the most irritating aspect of a sales is, I have no hesitation in answering that it is getting the various Certificates of Compliance for 'amenities health and safety' that are required.  

In 1984 when I started as a rookie agent the only required inspection was for notifiable beetle (which by the way was at that time just two specific little creatures) but then these reports started to be expanded to include another insect or two until it was recommended that the wording in the contract all types of wood destroying 'goggas', many of which didn't even live in the Cape. Then of course came the 'bright spark,' to add electrical compliance certificates and now we have every trade jumping on the bandwagon so we have the need for the seller to also provide plumbing certificates, gas inspection reports and electrical fencing inspections.  In South Africa we have as much certification requirements as Switzerland yet the majority of the country lives in shacks – but be that as it may – that's South Africa.  Of course I appreciate that the buyer of a property has a right to know what they are buying, however when you are buying a second hand home (yes we don't like to call it that but this is what it is), in many instances is a "mature property" and the buyer in making an offer needs to accept that in his offer price.  I not only have my doubts about how reasonable such requirements are, I also have over the years seen far too many things that make me very skeptical about the real value of these reports let alone the ethical behaviour surrounding them.  And these reports are not over yet! There are moves afoot to have Energy Performance Certificates apply to resale properties and not only new homes. 

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