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The mountain towns of the Mantiqueira Mountain region of southern Minas Gerais, half way between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are very beautiful, but the problem of neglected domestic animals is sharply at odds with the beauty and the friendliness of the region.

A small group of dedicated unpaid volunteers formed a group in 2013 to protect animals and deal with animal abuse, as well as solve the problems with street dogs with a campaign of sterilisation and adoptions.  This is the first and only animal welfare group in this region.

This is not a wealthy area and many people do not have the means to pay for these procedures and the small towns do not treat animal welfare as a priority.  Operating from the towns of Itanhandu and Passa Quatro, the organisation APAAM is organisation is poorly funded and under resourced but is run by a very passionate and dedicated group.

These volunteers have against all odds managed to raise funds to have 245 dogs and cats sterilised and they have also facilitated 104 adoptions of street dogs and cats.  A small local grant from the municipality is totally insufficient and it is not a secure source of finance and is subject to annual review.

If you would like to contribute please do on this Paypal link www.youcaring.com/apaam 

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