2022 Agents Business Plan

Achieving your goals begins with setting your goals correctly. If you want to go to the next level in your real estate career, sometimes you need to do away with all the high-tech stuff and go back to basics – starting with a pen, calculator, and simple, straightforward and effective business plan.

There’s a lot more to business goal setting than simply writing down what you want. It takes planning and strategy, and I’m here to help you make this happen.  When people hear the words “business plan”, they typically think of a 50-page document that has taken months to prepare – full of charts, projections, tables, and other dry materials – which is great in some situations, but is a daunting task and often so overdone it becomes ineffective. So I’ve done away with complicated, mind-bending business plans and brought it back to basics


Download here:  RealEstateBusinessPlan   (pdf)

Download here: RealEstateBusinessPlan (Word doc)