1 June 2020

Latest Changes:
4 June: Office Register revised new one loaded below
2 June: Indemnity Document revised new one loaded below

We start Lockdown Level 3 on 1st June
“It’s all about precautions…” News about what changes are required for offices to start functioning can be found here as we have such information: Do not make assumptions!

All downloadable documents are at the bottom of the page.

DATE: 29 May 2020

1.  A blank required “Permit” issued by the company and signed by Sally will be sent to you over the weekend. (DONE) This should probably best be kept in your car.  Copies will be sent to the cleaners by Whatsapp for their trip to work on Monday where they will be given a printed copy on Monday.

2.  The offices will be closed to the public until further notice.

3.  Nobody is to go to the office on Monday 1st June as this will be dedicated to cleaning activities. Only the cleaner and Designated Supervisors Sally, Eileen and Taryn are to go to the office on Monday.

4.  Agents can go to their respective offices from Tuesday, but space and size determine how many people can be in the office.  You need to book a time with Terence for work at Bergvliet, and book with Eileen for both Tokai and Constantia.  Please be considerate.

Bergvliet : 3 people max in the office at any one time (Increased from 2)
Constantia : 2 people max in the office at any one time
Tokai : 4 people max in the office
at any one time

5.  All agents and staff who enter the office need to wear masks as soon as there is more than one person in the office. Everyone is required to wash/sanitise your hands whenever you enter the office.

6.  No member of the public may enter any of our premises at this stage!  We are preparing to open Tokai (because of the boardroom facility) next week but only once certain things have been attended to.  You will be advised of when this is ready. 7.  Eileen is the designated Safety Officer for the Tokai office (as required by legislation) and will be the first staff member to retake her office position. This will be next week but after Monas soon as the required materials and equipment are available and everyone will be advised.

In future Agnes will only go to Tokai and Fundi will split her time between both Bergvliet and Constantia. As long as a cleaner is in the office then it should be understood that she is one of the allocated people that may be in the office.  Cleaners will thus be encouraged to “clean and go”.  Eileen will make sure the cleaners know that they need to keep gloves and face masks on at all times.

Safety supplies for our offices


Remember further updates AND ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS will be here on Devler.co.za
Email your questions to andre@everitt.co.za

The spike is still coming! Your safety and that of everyone else’s has to remain our collective focus and responsibility. https://sacoronavirus.co.za/

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