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Many property sellers (particularly older sellers) are often impressed with the fact that company A or B may have more pages of print ads in the Saturday property section. But ask yourself, does this actually matter to buyers? All buyers know that whatever was put into a newspaper ad is already a week old when it appears.
Chas Everitt Cape Town South is a real estate agency that knows how to engage effectively in online marketing? "With over 80% of property buyers are going ONLINE to find property – we are focussing on being the best where it matters, to the benefit of our sellers," said franchise principal Andre de Villiers.
"When you are marketing online you need to invest in the skills to know what works and what works better! We do, and we are really good at it!," said de Villiers.

Chas Everitt Cape Town South operates over twenty area blogs with linked social media accounts.


Welcome Back Fiona Eadie

Fiona Eadie has a strong sales background not only in real estate but in the furniture industry where she worked closely with interior designers and architects so Fiona is used to fulfilling the demanding needs of customers.  Like many in real estate Fiona's interest in real estate was sparked by first property purchase.  

"I believe that a love of real estate is a happy marriage with a passion for décor and a design and it is rewarding not just to sell a property but to share the buyers interest as it is to understand a seller's plans and motivations," said Fiona who has also lived in Cape Town's Southern Suburbs for over 30 years. 

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Buddy can you spare a $?

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The mountain towns of the Mantiqueira Mountain region of southern Minas Gerais, half way between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are very beautiful, but the problem of neglected domestic animals is sharply at odds with the beauty and the friendliness of the region.

A small group of dedicated unpaid volunteers formed a group in 2013 to protect animals and deal with animal abuse, as well as solve the problems with street dogs with a campaign of sterilisation and adoptions.  This is the first and only animal welfare group in this region.

This is not a wealthy area and many people do not have the means to pay for these procedures and the small towns do not treat animal welfare as a priority.  Operating from the towns of Itanhandu and Passa Quatro, the organisation APAAM is organisation is poorly funded and under resourced but is run by a very passionate and dedicated group.

These volunteers have against all odds managed to raise funds to have 245 dogs and cats sterilised and they have also facilitated 104 adoptions of street dogs and cats.  A small local grant from the municipality is totally insufficient and it is not a secure source of finance and is subject to annual review.

If you would like to contribute please do on this Paypal link www.youcaring.com/apaam 


Welcome Barbie Mark

Barbie Mark is no stranger to the sales industry. Having spent over 25 years selling Fine Art across the country and abroad, sales is clearly where her passion lies. Moving from the Fine Art industry to the property business has been a natural,seamless transition.  She thrives on interacting with people and fulfilling peoples wants and needs.
Barbie has numerous academic degrees including a Marketing Degree which included studying advertising, public relations and finance. She comes to Chas Everitt with incredible knowledge, sales experience and an extremely valuable network.
Barbie has been married to Craig Mark for 21 years. She has two children at Reddam School and one at UCT and is very well known around Silvertree Estate and the Southern Suburbs.  Barbie is an incredibly enthusiastic and committed person in both her personal and professional life. Her dedication and persistence make her an asset to have. She will always “go the extra mile” to ensure that her clients get exceptional service and will do whatever she can to ensure that both the seller and the buyer walk away having had a positive, memorable experience.  Success is a non-negotiable aspect of her life.
Barbie works with Team Leader Sally Gracie in the following Constantiaberg gated estates  (Silvertree Estate, Steenberg Estate, Silwersteen Estate), as well as in Zwaanswyk and Bishopscourt.
Barbie Mark
021 712 5029
083 844 0800

Welcome Di Forster

FullSizeRenderDi Forster is not an experienced agent, but Sally Gracie was adamant that in choosing her new partner following the tragic death of Marion Bolton, the most important qualities that Sally was looking for would not be conventional real estate sales experience but a lot more; an understanding and appreciation of luxury property, a complimentary personality, the right attitude and of course great contacts in the area.

“In Di I have a partner who fits the measure and with qualities that for me were simply not negotiable.  I have known Di for many years and we share an uncompromising service driven attitude.  I am also pleased that the Company has given me the space,  time and confidence to find my own partner following Marion's death, and I am just thrilled that Di has embraced the opportunity,” said Sally Gracie. 

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