How are the Top Agents Ranked

Awards and Recognition


I have been asked about the Awards and Recognition structure so here is some basics.

To make the system as fair as possible Chas Everitt applies a weighted points system whereby the top agent gets points in four categories;

1) Sales Volume / Turnover (eg 150 million Rands worth of property)
2) Number of Units (eg 50 properties)
3) Company commission earned (Company share)
4) Sole Mandates Sold (must be in effect at the time of sale)

The above is the basis for the Quarterly Awards and the Annual Awards.  There are two functions a year. The function in July recognises the first two quarters while the function in January (or February) recognises the last two quarters, as well as the entire year.

– Devler Estates is proud to have had qualifying agents for the Funvention every year and to have consistently achieved numerous top level awards, including top metro office awards more than any other office.   

While there can only be one top individual agent the company also recognises teams which can consist of two or more agents.  If an agent was in a partnership for half a year then half the points are earned by that agent and the full points for the remainder of the year that the agent was solo.

The Funvention has an annual target (ask your Sales Manager), and the Franchisee (not Chas Everitt) covers the cost of any qualifying agent to attend the Funvention but please note this is neither a transferable award nor can it be taken in another form such as cash or other travel.  Funventions are held internationally at luxury resorts and have been held in Bali, Mauritius, Buenos Aires, onboard Luxury Cruise ships in the Mediterranean etc.  The 2018 Funvention will be in Cancun, Mexico for the first time. 


Easter Competition Details

Chas Bear – Easter Colouring Competition

This is up to you how you want to use it / send it.  I will be promoting this on all our area blogs and Facebook pages.

Children /parents can DOWNLOAD (from the various area blogs from Sat 25th March) and then print (A4 size pdf) the colouring entry form (or collect from the office) and hand their entry in at our Chas Everitt office or scan and email to entry@devler.co.za

We will display the entries at the offices over the Easter Weekend in our window (where possible) ie at Fish Hoek / Bergvliet and Claremont but not at Tokai.

Multiple winners will be notified  (we will group by age and office).  
The prizes will be a number of Easter Hampers of various goodies.

Of course a great photo opportunity when handing over prizes.

Feel free to promote this as much as you want but I do insist that entry forms are either downloaded or collected from the office individually – I am not printing thousands of these for distribution as most will go wasted.
Note to Office Secretaries: 

Please keep about ten of these printed out so if someone calls for a sheet you have it ready to give to them and do not need to find the file to print!  

Easter Chas Bear  This link will take you to pdf download  🙂


Free Complex Report


Please click on image to download a sample of a Free Complex Report 
(When this is promoted it will be required to provide some information)

What does a Free Complex Report offer;

1) Attractive magazine type personalised cover

2) Recent sales (last two or three years)

3) Area statistics (Suburb) for Sectional Title 

4) Sectional Title Diagram (main image as there are usually more)

5) Agent contact details

6) Additional photographs is available

7) Link to our Complex Resources if it is listed eg; http://teamsectionaltitle.co.za/choose-area/newlands/sevenoaks/

Brochure Link
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Our 2017 Incentive Structure

I am really excited about our new 2017 incentives that are aimed at recruiting the best agents and retaining the best agents and I have no doubt in my mind that we are offering by far the best package of overall benefits that any company in Cape Town South offers.  

It is so important that an incentive structure is just that – it should really serve to excite and motivate better performance and that is what it should reward.

We are not going to spell it out here on our website because we really want the opportunity to talk to agents about how it will work for them, but the core of the structure is to focus on skills development and acting on those skills to increase the agent's productivity and satisfaction and thereby their personal growth.  

We really feel that a Devler agent representing Chas Everitt and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World should not only be able to offer the very best marketing strategies but be rewarded in the best way possible when they produce excellent results. 

You can get a pdf on Elevate from the password protected pages under Useful Links